Re: Localized Pages

> I wouldn't say that "most" people don't like this. In my experience, it
> is only a relatively small group that purely detest their mother tongue
> being used instead of English in technical writing. But this group is
> often the loudest ;-)
> These users that don't want information in their own language are also
> very rarely novice users -- so if is at all aimed at
> novice users, it should include some language selection mechanism that
> is automatic, provides a "smart" default and is overridable if the user
> wants that. I think only the content-negotiation language selection as
> default and an optional language selection method on the page that
> overrides that (and with this info stored in a cookie) provides all this.

First of all, I hate to see my mother tongue being used instead English in
web pages, it seems weird, that's simply because most people learn to use
computers in english, however it would be a nice feature to have the GNOME
site in different languages, but think, does the whole site will be
translated? it will be hard to translate all the news, developer info, etc.
Also it's very hard to translate technical terms, and anyway seems so
strange that Enlish is clearer. Plus all that you have to know that some
languages like spanish are very different depending on the country.

Well, I'm talking about my personal experience with spanish from Mexico, it
might be different for ohter languages.

PD. Excuse me about my english

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