Re: Navigation Proposal

On 2000.12.20 01:12:48 -0300 Matt McClanahan wrote:


> > I like this. I'm a little worried about "Press", "News" and "Download"
> not
> > being top-level, but I guess they're prime candidates for "quick
> links". Hm.
> > Not bad at all. I have a better gut feeling about this structure than
> my
> > proposal, but I'd like to think about it a little to see if it can be
> > improved further.
> I'd tend to agree on the News, but I've never seen downloads as being a
> 'primary' link off of the landing page.  I suppose access logs could
> easilly prove me wrong, but putting it under software makes sense to me. 
> Wouldn't there be a brief news summary on the landing page anyway, which
> could then provide the direct link to the news page?


Couldn't we get access to the logs of I think it could be a
good starting point to see what are the visitors requesting. That will give
us the big picture of what is important for the users and will give us a
good idea of how we could arrange the site's navigation structure to meet
their requirements.


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