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Murray Cumming wrote:
On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 04:39 +0000, Michael Wood wrote:
I've had a play.. , the SVG
is in the same directory as well.

- OpenSource should be Open Source.

Noted  and updated.

- The choices of "GNOME is" are rather odd. Accessibility is nice but
it's hardly our number one thing. Personally, I'd just leave those 3
bits out.

These were some of things that I felt gnome stands for and is way of an introduction to the GNOME project.

The poster design flows like this:

- Name of event
- Introduction
- graphics
- tag line
- Details

removing the introduction part would really not make sense.

- I think it would be worthwhile to put a small map of the UK on there,
with a big dot for Birmingham. Most people will have no idea where it

There isn't really any room to do this, I felt that having Birmingham UK was sufficient for the readers intelligence. and seeming the website is said as having all the details.

I've also dropped the Gnome Users And Developer European Conference bit too and replaced it with The Gnome Conference for User and Developers. As mentioned by Juanjo Marín and Dave Neary .


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