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Hi Dave,

Last year Quim suggested to use "The GNOME Conference" as the title,
and "2006 - Vilanova..." as a sub-title.  In fact, he had the great
idea to make a new brand, "The GNOME Conference", and convinced us to
use it.  You may have seen my design with "Vilanova 2006" on the Linux
Magazine [2], that was before we decide about the title.  I can send
you the logs of the irc channel if you like.

BTW I suggest to use something like this:

             G   U   A
             D   E   C
The GNOME Conference
  2007 - Birmingham

And about the font, we had same situation.  We planed a graphic irc
meeting, and decided about the font and colors.  Using special font
and colors was another part of the branding.  I was thinking about
having new colors for each year (as it used to be), but Quim just told
to let next-year organizers decide about it.  But we all agreed to use
MgOpen Cosmetica [1] typeface for the new title.  So I think a lot of
people expect to see "The GNOME Conference" in Cosmetica typeface, as
it's on the header of the website already.  Maybe it's possible to use
the new typeface only for "Birmingham 2007" text, when it's not beside
the main title, "The GNOME Conf...".

The typeface of BIRMINGHAM 2007 is really nice, and I like it, but it
breaks the thread of making of The GNOME Conference.

I'm OK with using new colors for this year, personally.  You can find
my customized colors for Catalonia/Spain in the gallery of

Oh, I forgot to mention that we used same typeface [1] for the
"" too.

Well, that's it.  So please just don't use multiple titles, like
"GUADEC 2007", "8th Edition", etc.

And just another hint about using the GUADEC logo.  Please put a white
background and border for the logo itself, and the titles under it.
The way you used it on GUADEC9.pdf makes it look like an incomplete

Well, the designs are interesting and creative.  I like them.



On 3/8/07, Dave Lamb <daveubu googlemail com> wrote:

 On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 18:28 +0100, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
 Hi Dave!
Great to see someone picking up the torch on this one!

     <Cur for Brevity>

 Thank You for the feedback, I have a few more ideas that I'm working on
now, but ideas for fonts are welcomed.

 Thanks in advance.

 Dave Lamb

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   '     Behnam Esfahbod
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