re: GUADEC 2007 - POS

David wrote:
Below is a link to some POS that may be used for advertise GUADEC 2007 - comments and feedback welcome.

Hi Dave!
Great to see someone picking up the torch on this one!
I'm the dude who did a lot of the printed material at last years conference, so I hope I can provide some useful feedback. I really like the text you've written and I would be more than happy to put this up at my local university in hope that I can lure some lurking gnomers around here to come to the event.

* regarding the Meet, Plan, Party letters:
shadows are often very hard to print at a printer and have it look good, so I would advice to avoid that.

* The text looks a bit dragged out vertically, and I would also suggest you try to use serif letters instead, as they are easier to read on paper.

* The text placed upon the Guadec logo currently looks like they are part of the logo and is a bit hard to read. Try to put it below the logo without clipping it.

* The city in the background can also be tricky to print and also makes the text a bit harder to read.

I also think Behnam has some suggestions on what font we could use for these, as I can't remember what we used last year (or was supposed to anyway, as I mixed some stuff up ;)

Keep up the great work!
- Andreas

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