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----- Thomas Wood <thos gnome org> wrote:
> Andrew Sobala wrote:
> > Thomas Wood wrote:
> [...]
> >> I suppose the other things it would be nice to have are some
> posters, 
> >> and if anyone locally has a "spare" desktop they could lend for the
> >> weekend...
> >
> > (Why don't we grab the events box, which has all of this stuff minus
> > the CDs?)
> >
> The events box has an allowance of one funded trip per year for each 
> country (more than one and we would have to fund it ourselves). We
> still 
> have the LinuxWorld Expo later in the year, but if people think having

We (OpenAdvantage) can easily lend a couple of laptops and/or desktops (preferably laptops though) for LRL, and we can duplicate some CDs/DVDs (although, since there doesn't seem to be a 2.14 live CD what would we give away?) - I could also look into having some posters printed. Save the box for LinuxWorld.


> the event box at LRL would be more useful, we could make alternative 
> arrangements for LinuxWorld. We would also probably need someone local
> to handle receiving and sending the box onward (I have taken it on the
> train, but it is heavy and needs two people to lift it safely).
> -Thomas
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