Re: Gnome at LugRadio Live

On Wed, 24 May 2006, Thomas Wood wrote:
> Is anyone planning on ordering lots of Ubuntu CDs?

We should be able to arrange these;  and there's not much point having
duplicate "large" orders if they can be delivered directly.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the quantities for Kubuntu/Ubuntu?

> I don't think there was a GNOME live cd for the 2.14 release,

The GNOME Live CD is based on Ubuntu... so there should be one out in a week
or so!  

> and if anyone locally has a "spare" desktop they could lend

Isn't there the GNOME Event box?

It doesn't appear to have been "booked" since LinuxTag (a fortnight ago).

High on a Spanish mountain, surrounded by howling dogs.  Southampton, GB

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