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----- Thomas Wood <thos gnome org> wrote:
> Paul Sladen wrote:
> > On Wed, 24 May 2006, Thomas Wood wrote:
> I suppose what we need to make sure is that the anything we take to
> LRL 
> is relevant to the audience. Since I suspect most people there will 
> already be acquainted with Linux/GNOME, we really need something 
> up-to-date and new to show them. I'm thinking Xgl and other things
> that 
> are hard to get running. Perhaps even a demonstration of up coming 
> projects such as gimme. Can anyone think of something of this nature 
> they would like to see?

Good point (about being relevant to the audience). At LinuxWorld (Boston) Luis had a laptop with gimmie and deskbar (and no panel) which generated alot of interest, as did the AIGLX laptop that jrb setup. Also in the Mono booth next door their machine was running Xgl which seemed to generate as much interest, if not more, than Mono / Monodevelop.

I'd be happy to spend some time setting up laptops with;

1. gimmie and deskbar but standard X
2. standard desktop but with Xgl / AIGLX / Compiz

(just because trying to get all that on one machine might be torture - also hoping we have a laptop capable of running this funky GL stuff) plus one of the machine to act as a CalDav / Web(Dav) / ssh / wordpress / DAAP server so we can show things like Evo-CalDav, gnome-vfs (nautilus, gedit, OOo?), RSS reading / writing, Rythmbox / Banshee (AFAIK there is no internet connection, so I might also stick the release notes on there as well). If you think anyone will care or be interested?


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