Re: Gnome at LugRadio Live

Paul Sladen wrote:
On Wed, 24 May 2006, Thomas Wood wrote:
Is anyone planning on ordering lots of Ubuntu CDs?

We should be able to arrange these;  and there's not much point having
duplicate "large" orders if they can be delivered directly.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the quantities for Kubuntu/Ubuntu?
I'm not sure we'll need Kubuntu CDs, although I'm sure Jonathan would be very pleased if we did! We managed to get rid of about 100 Live CDs at LinuxWorld in the first day, but I would be pleased to have a variety of distributions that ship GNOME.

I don't think there was a GNOME live cd for the 2.14 release,

The GNOME Live CD is based on Ubuntu... so there should be one out in a week
or so!
Indeed, apparently Dapper is in effect only going to have a live CD (the install and live bits are on the same cd from what I gather). It wouldn't be too hard to remove the Ubuntu branding and return it to almost stock GNOME to make a GNOME live CD.

I suppose what we need to make sure is that the anything we take to LRL is relevant to the audience. Since I suspect most people there will already be acquainted with Linux/GNOME, we really need something up-to-date and new to show them. I'm thinking Xgl and other things that are hard to get running. Perhaps even a demonstration of up coming projects such as gimme. Can anyone think of something of this nature they would like to see?


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