GUADEC 2007 in the UK?

To every GNOME user and developer in the UK,

Around February time, the foundation will put out the call for hosts for
GUADEC 2007. The purpose of this e-mail is to gauge the amount of interest
in hosting this event somewhere in the UK.

GUADEC is the GNOME User and Developer European Conference, which brings
together developers, GNOME Foundation leaders, individuals, businesses and
governments, as well as Free Software and Open Source software users. The
conference is a unique forum that highlights the capabilities and
direction of GNOME - the user environment for desktop computers, networked
servers and portable Internet devices.

*** If you would be interested in GUADEC being held in the UK in 2007
please respond to this e-mail! ***

Depending on the number of responses to this e-mail, it should be possible
to much support there is for the event happening in the UK. Even if you
know you won't be able to offer any help, please just let us know you
would be interested in the event even occurring in the UK.

On the organisational side, we would need a team of around 8-10 people
willing to help organise the event, which involves finding a sponsor and
organising a location, facilities and equipment. You do not need to be a
hacker to be involved in this - you need to be someone who is willing to
give some time to organising a 500+ person event.

If you have any relevant experience in any of above the please note it in
your reply.


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