Re: Clearlooks 2

2006/1/10, Calum Benson <Calum Benson sun com>:
> Well, you could probably expect Bill to file an accessibility bug about
> it, if nothing else :) (Admittedly, most people interested in using
> large print on the desktop will find it easier to select the predefined
> LargePrint theme, but we shouldn't actively prevent them from mixing and
> matching, and in particular I'd have thought we'd want the default theme
> to be exemplary in as many ways as possible.)

In theory I agree with all this, but practically I don't really have a
choice right now. One option would be to use the latest version with
the plain scalable icons (which look like on the screenshot presented
by Lars Strojny). However, the dark outlines are not just for looks
but also for increased visibility, so I wonder if that would even be a
win for accessability. I can't judge that.


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