Re: Clearlooks 2

On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 16:32 +0100, Daniel Borgmann wrote:

> But that is not the new version with the pixmaps, which looks like this:
> As you can see, the icons do not grow larger. I hope this is
> acceptable, because otherwise I'm really at a loss about how I'm
> supposed to make the icons look good.

Well, you could probably expect Bill to file an accessibility bug about
it, if nothing else :) (Admittedly, most people interested in using
large print on the desktop will find it easier to select the predefined
LargePrint theme, but we shouldn't actively prevent them from mixing and
matching, and in particular I'd have thought we'd want the default theme
to be exemplary in as many ways as possible.)

>  And in a way this isn't really
> different from menu icons, which don't scale either.

True, although the user can at least do something about that by setting
gtk-icon-sizes in their gtkrc file... there's nothing they can do about
the metacity icons, AFAIK.


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