Re: Clearlooks 2

2006/1/7, Jakub Steiner <jimmac ximian com>:
> The buttons may actually be one of the things where some gloss could be
> good, be it a little more subtle. Having the whole slider along with
> titlebar glossy is too much I'd say.

I experimented a little, but I just don't like the outcome and since I
can't work well when I don't like the result, I canceled the
endeavour. Maybe someone else could propose something new.

My personal view was (is) that we should strive for a more realistic
look of interface elements. Since window controls don't resemble
anything, all we can do is to make the surface look realistic. And
since wood or grass is somewhat out of the question, metal is an
obvious choice, especially since we can fake it by simulating a slight
reflection (I understand that the fake doesn't work for everyone, but
generally it seems to be well-received). From this point of view, I do
not think that it is unreasonable to make just the titlebar look like
it's made out of some kind of metal.

But I do not want to force my views on anything, so I'll let the
collective-gnome-mastermind (where is our dictator when we need him?)
decide what to do for the next release and not commit anything for
now. AFAICT the options are Clearlooks1, Clearlooks2 or something new
which doesn't exist yet. Please slap me if I'm going about this the
wrong way. :-)


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