GSOC 2017 Introduction : Make Nintendo DS a First Class Citizen

Greetings Everyone!

My real name is Yasitha Rajapaksha but you can call me Arcane. :) I'm a computer engineering undergraduate from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

This is my first time attempting for a GSOC and being selected as well. Therefore, I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to proceed through my project. My project is associated with Gnome-Games and the project name is Make Nintendo DS a First Class Citizen.

Goal of this project is to make Nintendo DS games have full support on gnome-games. Cool features of the console such as,
  • Dual Screen with touch support
  • Lid Closing to solve puzzles
  • Screen Rotation 
will be implemented on gnome-games in order to give users a console close feeling when playing games. Mentor of this project is Adrien Plazas ; the maintainer of gnome-games.

Wiki page of the project :

My Crazy/Stupid Blog xD :


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