GSoC-17 Introduction: Search and User Interface Improvements in GNOME Logs

Hello everyone,

My name is Pranav¹, I'm a final year undergraduate student studying computer science at Mumbai University.

This year I will be working on GNOME Logs² to move the sorting functionality from the frontend to backend, implementing redundant journal entries compression in the user interface and writing a shell search provider module to expose the search results to the GNOME Shell. Moreover, I will also be writing a test suite to improve the robustness of GNOME Logs.

My mentors are David King and Jonathan Kang, the two awesome people who are also the maintainers of GNOME Logs.

I would also like to tell you that this is my second time being a GSoC intern with GNOME. The previous GSoC summer was an amazing learning experience for me during which I got introduced to awesome members of the GNOME community. This inspired me to contribute to GNOME again this year. Believe it or not, the GNOME community is one of the most newbie friendly open source communities I have ever seen. Indeed, it feels great to be part of such a family working together for a greater good.

I surely hope to see you all at GUADEC 2017 and wish you best of luck in your respective projects !

Pranav Ganorkar

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