GSoC 17 Introduction: Improving the Nextcloud experience with GNOME

Hi there,

first of all, congratulations to all fellow GSoC participants.

My name is Julius Härtl, currently studying computer science in
Würzburg, Germany.  During the next months I'll be working on
improving the out-of-the-box cloud experience with GNOME and Nextcloud
[1], an open source, self-hosted and privacy aware cloud software.

Since Nextcloud has not been selected as an organization from Google
this year, I'm very happy that GNOME was open for a project in
relation to the Nextcloud.

I'll be working mainly on the Nextcloud client to add better
integration to the GNOME desktop environment:

- Create an easier setup experience with hosting providers
- Extend integration with natuilus
- Work on implementing cloud providers support proposed by csoriano [2]
- Integrate account management with gnome-online-accounts
- Improving notifications

You can find a project summary at the GSoC page [3], and I will post a
more detailed description to the wiki once I've been granted
permissions there.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming months and to start working
with the GNOME community.



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