Re: Lightning talks at GUADEC

congratulations on your GSoC and Outreachy internships for this
summer, and also on the completed winter Outreachy internships!

GNOME has an annual conference in Europe, GUADEC[1], which will take
place in Karlsruhe, Germany this August. As GNOME interns, you will
have the opportunity to present your projects during a lightning talk
session which is currently planned for the 12th of August. Lightning
talks normally take up to a maximum of 5 minutes and there is no lower
limit. I need to know if you are interested in doing this as soon as
possible, so please reply to confirm!

Yes, I am interested and excited about attending my first GUADEC. Also
it would be a great opportunity to present my work

If you plan to attend GUADEC, you need to talk to your mentors about
organising BoFs/hackfests[2]. If your mentors are not planning to
attend, you should think about other areas that you're interested in
and talk to people about potential sessions.

I talked to my mentor and he is attending. Also he is interested in
organizing a BoF/hackfest.

Megh Parikh

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