Thinking about Shotwell Locations project for GSoC


I'm hoping to do a project with Gnome this year for GSoC. I'm usually
hiding away in Ubuntu, and I would love to get to know Gnome a little

One project I'm pondering is to work on geolocation features for
Shotwell. The location data is already gathered from image meta data,
but as far as I can tell nothing is really done with it.
So far, from a high level, I think my project would start with under
the hood systems to map latitude / longitude to place names and
grouping photos by general location. In addition, I would be making
some interfaces: showing a photo's place name somewhere close by (the
basic information pane?), a Locations page that shows a world map with
photos taken (using libChamplain, or maybe something simpler), and
searching photos by place names.

I'm lightly poking at Shotwell, and it feels like it would be doable
within the summer. Or do I sound like a lunatic? Opinions, please :)

Dylan McCall

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