Re: Thinking about Shotwell Locations project for GSoC

Hi Dylan,

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 12:50:28PM -0700, Dylan McCall wrote:
> One project I'm pondering is to work on geolocation features for
> Shotwell. The location data is already gathered from image meta data,
> but as far as I can tell nothing is really done with it.
> So far, from a high level, I think my project would start with under
> the hood systems to map latitude / longitude to place names and
> grouping photos by general location. In addition, I would be making
> some interfaces: showing a photo's place name somewhere close by (the
> basic information pane?), a Locations page that shows a world map with
> photos taken (using libChamplain, or maybe something simpler), and
> searching photos by place names.
> I'm lightly poking at Shotwell, and it feels like it would be doable
> within the summer. Or do I sound like a lunatic? Opinions, please :)

Doing all you describe in 1 summer is overoptimistic I think. But you can
lay good foundations for it and then add the eyecandy later on :) I know
nothing about shotwell, but my feeling is that you'd have to leave at least
the world map showing pictures out for a realistic schedule. But to get a
more definitive answer about this, you should get in touch with the
shotwell developers, you'll find contact information on



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