[gsoc] Idea

Hello, all!
I am Nikolay Antonov. I am s third year student of Computer Science in 	
Kostroma State Technological University, Russian Federation. And I would
like to take part in GSOC 2011 in Gnome project.

I have no totally formalized idea. But I try to explain it.
File-transfer window is good, but not the ideal now. Because when we
copy/move/delete files in more than one tasks it tries to transfer all
files in parallel. It slowdown transferring(for example reading from DVD
in multiple threads is not fast). Idea is
1) add "pause/resume" button
2) add "queue" button (it like first, but with automatic resuming and
pausing) and "up" and "down" button
3) add automatic sheduling to get best performance! It can be
implemented as network flows(graph theory).

About me
I didn't take part in well-known opensources project yet. But I have own
opensource project[1] written in C (it is pidgin/libpurple
protocol-plugin for russian IM service). I have experience with svn/git
and mailing lists :-)

[1] http://code.google.com/p/mrim-prpl/

Feel free to contact with me.
Nikolay Antonov

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