Layout Manager for Nemiver - Weekly Report 12


Last week I worked on nemiver's preferences dialog, I added
preferences to customize the target terminal [1].
It is now possible to:
  - Set the text/background/palette colors or use one of the built-in
theme (I implemented the same themes present in GNOME-Terminal) or use
the system theme.
  - Set the font or use the system font.

The implement was not complicated but I encountered some difficulties:
  - I spent a lot of time trying to set the {back,fore}ground colors
of the terminal with the CSSProvider without success. So I looked at
the GNOME-Terminal source code to figure out how they did manage to
change the colors and discovered that they were using API's that was
not documented.

For this last week, I will continue the debugging of the dynamic layout.

Fabien Parent


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