Adding Positional Tags to Shotwell: Weekly Report 12


[NOTE: You can see a Spanish version of this mail in my personal blog, ]

Last week I've finished my research on bug #3896 [1] and I've reported it at [2], [3] and, more accurately, [4].

I've proposed patches to
and I've were working on #3991 [5] and #3939 [6], but I'm stuck in #3991 so I don't know if I'll get in done before 22th.

I'd really want to continue contributing with Shotwell after GSoC, but I think that having to work and study at the same time won't let me doing really much --maybe some bug correction sometime in my free time. Anyway, I think that after GSoC I'm going to keep working on Shotwell until September 3th or 4th.

Cheers!! :)


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