Making GCompris sound more Musical - Weekly Report 11 & 12


After a great time at the Desktop Summit and roaming at Berlin, am back to work now :)

The weeks progress : �

Piano Activity :�

The mouse interface has been completed finally completed! Now the piano can be played on touchscreens too :)

Added documentation throughout the code.

Sing Along activity :

Added the tempo control buttons, using which you can increase or decrease the speed of the karaoke player.�

Added mute feature to be used in the sing alone mode.

I'm done with most of my code, only documentation remains here and there, and small feature add ons. I don't plan to stop contributing after GSoC.

Talk at Desktop Summit :�

Blog :�

Code :�

Branch :�gcomprismusic (

Karthik Subramanian
+91 99401 38729
Be Happy always!! :)

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