Enhance the operation of GNOME Shell LookingGlass - Weekly Report 07


I haven't send in a report for week 6 mostly because I didn't
have much to report. I have been having several problems including
being unable to build gnome-shell for 4 days which was quite painful.
Luckily, thanks to walters, fmuellner and owen my building problems
were solved.

What I have done since last time is getting familiar with the
libcroco library, a CSS parsing and manipulation library, in
order to change the way I access the css info for the css inspector.
I used to read css from getter functions of StThemeNode, but I have
now added a function in StThemeNode that uses libcroco functions
that return the css rules parsed. I still have things to improve,
such as reading pseudo-class info, but at least I know where
to look for it.

My plan for next week is to get back on track :)
I am behind schedule since I should have managed to implement the
css changing on the fly functionality by editing css in gedit by now.
So that's what I will try to achieve this week.


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