Jokosher Telepathy support: Weekly report #7

Hi everyone!

While having a very hot week and weekend, which have been a positive
(nice weather, swimming) and negative experience for me (in result I
have got heat stroke and heavy headaches), finally I got around
previous blocks (mostly my lack of knowledge) with integrating
Telepathy/Farsight call pipelines with Jokosher ones. It is not
working 100% perfectly yet, but I'm getting close there - currently
TelepathyContact.Call() does all call stuff and emits gobject signal
to issue RecordVoIP method in Project class. It connects call streams
with main pipeline using tee. Currently everything is very shaky and I
run lot of tests with friends to remove any bugs and I plan to
continue that in first three days of the next week. After that (if
everything works well) I will start to "draw" Jokosher Telepathy Tubes
system on paper and run some prototype code.


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