Ease : presentations for the GNOME desktop: Weekly Report 07.

Hello team, here's my weekly report #7.
Available on my blog : http://freesteph.info/post/2010/07/12/Ease-%3A-weekly-report-7.
As PDF : http://freesteph.info/public/GSoC/Ease_weekly_report_7.pdf

1 What I have done

Week 5, I was traveling around and week 6 I got very little time to work due to visiting and such, so I decided to sum it all in that seventh weekly report, my apologies for the lack of work.

2 What’s next

3 Timeline

I’m late on my personal expectations, but regarding my proposal, I’m pretty much on time. I still want to speed up a lot, and hopefully that should be easier now that I stopped traveling and moving around.

4 Issues/Other news

See you next week.

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