Week 11: Integrating Zeitgeist into GNOME Shell


Regarding my GNOME Shell branch, the first I've done this week is
implementing tags (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEH4G9p5ens for
a demo). Marina, Owen and McCann have had a look at it and it's going
to be merged most likely this week, with some changes (like dropping
any fallback options, and going only for Zeitgeist - yeah! :)).

Because of this, on the Zeitgeist side we have created a 0.2 branch
and we are currently working on a 0.2.1 branch with some fixes and
speed improvements and, most important of all, enhanced compatibility
(ie., it will work with Python 2.5 -instead of 2.6 only-, with current
stable PyGTK+ versions -a function we need to use is broken there, but
we will workaround that for now- and without needing Storm).

Finally, I've got all C changes from my branch merged into the main
GNOME Shell branch, and also fixed some stuff unrelated to the
Zeitgeist integration itself but that improves the user experience
with Shell:
 - Clear text in the run dialog when it's hidden with escape
 - Fix incorrect variable name: mimeType -> this.mimeType.
 - Replace _getIndexOfDisplayedActor with a function in OverflowList
(fixes a problem where two documents/apps would be displayed at the
same place in the search results and "more" pane).
 - Consider height when positioning windows in the overlay (avoids
windows overlapping or going out of the workspace in the overview
 - Fix negative height request in WellGrid
 - Fix FTBFS and crash triggered by <AppSystem>.load_from_desktop_file()
 - Thumbnail generation without GtkRecentlyUsed in TextureCache
 - Show "Network" item on Ubuntu (in the new "Places")
 - Show bookmarks with spaces in the name correctly
 - [Pending review:] Bug #591337 - Change add/remove workspace buttons
on mouse over
 - [Still WIP:] Fix the paging controls so that they don't overflows
(which looked easy but is being lots of work)


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Ubuntu Developer. Debian Contributor

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