Re: GSoC: Anjuta Vim Integration Weekly Reports

I'm sorry I was late. I just was touching up on some good
developments :-).

Week 4
* Wrapped up my college commitments, and issued warning if they bug me
again :-P.
* Worked around Anjuta's DocumentManager by creating a new interface
* Created a command queue to queue up calls made before the plugin was

What work I managed to do this week was pretty good. I introduced a new
interface, IAnjutaEditorMultiple, to work around Anjuta's way of
handling editors and documents. Prior to this, to Anjuta, every editor
was a document, and every document was a GtkWidget. This was more or
less true with the GtkSourceView and Scintilla editors (widget-type
editors), but doesn't hold at all with the Vim editor (or in the future,
a possible Emacs editor) (application-type editors). The lack of
seperation of the document and view has caused me a lot of problems...

The new EditorMultiple interface is somewhat of a hack around it. Now
every "document" in the anjuta sense contains only a pointer to a
singleton widget (which is GtkSocket embedding Vim). It also requires a
document list. 

Earlier, my plugin was taking a while to initalize mainly because the
plugin is widgeted after creating the document (this is again because
the document is the widget), and Vim can't create a GtkPlug until then.
This works for all functions that don't return anything. 

Work for the week
* Some parts of the document manager haven't been finished yet, and I
have to work around some very heavy document_is_widget dependencies...
* I have to setup signals from vim, catch them properly. Some vim
functions also have to written. (Tuesday)
* Catch some memory leaks. I've found that I haven't been filling up the
_dispose functions well. I want to take a look and make sure that I'm
handling memory properly. (Wenesday)
* Finish my "Test Suite". And of course, bug fix. (Wenesday, Thursday)
* The rest of the week will be decided as it comes...

Arun Tejasvi Chaganty (vimzard)
GNOME GSoC Student

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