Anjuta Git Plugin Week 9

Another week, another alpha release. This one fixes the annoying and odd
crasher that happened if you use my git plugin and the SVN plugin in the
same Anjuta session. Long story short, I had to rename a bunch of
functions in my plugin's code, and this took forever to sort out. As
such, I've been set back on finishing up the proposal, as I'd planned to
do this week. With that fixed, I'm currently working on getting the logs
of individual files/folders, and with that will come the beginnings of
file manager integration. Once I get that done its on to actually asking
git to give me file contents.

But, the good news is, with the new release, the plugin should be just
about good enough for most day to day work. :-) The new patch can, as
usual, be found at

And hopefully by this time next week this thing will be done... ;)


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