Re: Report DVB Manager Week 10

On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 18:28 +0200, Sebastian Pölsterl wrote: 
> Blog post at
> As mentioned in last week's report, I concentrated on an assistant to 
> setup DVB cards and a preferences GUI to create new device groups and 
> edit existing ones. Currently, there are three GUI applications. One to 
> manage timers, one to manage devices and one to setup your cards. In the 
> next couple of weeks I'm going to make those UIs nicer and merge all of 
> them in one single application.

Is merging them all in one app a good idea?

I've just committed code to allow a helper application to be used to
configure DVB channels on a specific card. This would certainly require
an interface that would be different from a configuration tool. Think a
one-page wizard, rather than a full fledged channels manager.

The gist of it:
- The scanner should install a binary in $(libexecdir)/totem-dvb-scanner
or a link to that effect)
- The scanner needs to handle --transient-for=XXX where XXX is the XID
of the parent window it needs to be transient for, as well as a single
number telling you the index of the DVB adapter to configure.
- On success, the scanner should return "4" as the exit status, and "3"
for failures.

When the "Watch TV on adapter bleh" is clicked in the menu, or "dvb:" is
passed to Totem, the helper will be launched, and an error message will
appear if the scanner isn't present, crashed, or failed to create a
channels.conf file. It will load the channel listings as normal if it

Here's a really small and crappy example helper:

echo $@

if `zenity --question --text "Succeed in creating the channels.conf
file?"` ; then
	cp ~/channels.conf ~/.xine/
	exit 4
	exit 3


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