Re: Memory Fragmentation - Weekly Report

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I am still in Turkey, GUADEC has finished and I can say it was one of the greatest experiences in my life, I just fell in love with the community. I talked to famous hackers and made new friends in the cummunity and I am sad that it has finished so fast.

This week I have gathered a lot of new ideas, while talking to various people and I can't wait to get back to Romania to start working on them.

I plan to use dtrace to analyze memory, that means I have to work in Solaris. Do you think it is a problem if I work in Solaris ? If I fix memory issues in Solaris, will they be fixed in Linux also ?

Another idea is to plot some graphs, where X is time and Y is lifetime, that way I can determine the places where a lot of short, consecutive allocations happen and perhaps replace them with static buffers. I will modify Valgrind to extract the data needed and OpenOffice to plot the graph (it's the easiest way).

Federico gave me a tip - to look at the allocations which happen during signal handling in GNOME, so I will also check that.

I return to Romania on Wednesday night, so I will resume my work on Thursday.

Andrei Soare

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