Re: GSoC: Anjuta Vim Integration Weekly Reports

Week 12
I spent most of this week on finishing up the plugin, and adding some
user-end features like a custom vimrc. I also have a hacky way around
the keybindings issue that seems to work well enough for me. I also
fixed some bugs in the document manager patches. And of course, I have
a first release! You can find it on

I still have 2 bugs that I decide to pop up only when I'm
screencasting or when it's most inconvinent, namely, sometimes the vim
window just pops out, and the debugger sometimes just smodges the
breakpoint markers. I'm going to work on that now (out of GSoC).
Overall, I'm very happy with my project, and most of all the fact that
now I can hack using an IDE *and* Vim :-).

Since this will be the last progress report, I'd like to thank my
mentor  and the GNOME community for everything, I've gotten lots of
encouragement and direction from being aggregated on Planet GNOME, so
I'd like to especially thank Lucas Rocha for the account!

Arun Tejasvi Chaganty

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