Re: GSoC: Anjuta Vim Integration Weekly Reports

Week 11

I am quite happy with the stability of the plugin at this stage. It
takes a bit of torture before the plugin segfaults or fails otherwise.
The key features are in, and I'm proud to say that they work very well.

I implemented another method of communication between Anjuta and Vim,
through the X11 ICCCM protocol (convinently abstracted by GDK). This
solved the earlier problem of the screen not refreshing when the cursor
was moved. 

Autocomplete is technically done, but I haven't been able to actualy
test it, as the autocomplete plugin is not working for the normal text
editorseither. I will have to look into this and see what's going wrong.
So far, I have checked to see that the output the plugin gives to the
AutoComplete functions are the same for other editors and this one.

I still haven't resolved the global keybindings issue properly, and it
along with bugfixing and polishing are the goals of this coming week. I
have parallelly worked on making the distributable, and I'm confident
that I can push out a release by the end of the week (after all, it is
soft pencil's down date).

Arun Tejasvi Chaganty (vimzard)
GNOME GSoC Student

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