Last week report - make Evolution use Seahorse widgets for encryption and key selection

hi guys,

This is my last week report for GSoC 2008, making Evolution use Seahorse
widgets for encryption and key selection, which is done completely
according to the project title ;), although there are some minor bugs
need to be fixed.

This week, just like all of you, i am busy with testing, documentation
and refactoring the source code. Noting else need to report IMO :).

i want to thank some people at last, first my mentor Philip Van Hoof and
co-mentor José Dapena Paz, who gives me a lot good ideas though he is
very busy. Then the maintainer of the Seahorse, Adam Schreiber. And then
Stef Walter, who is working on making the PKCS#11 keys and certificates
show up through libcryptui (part of seahorse). And then the maintainer
of GMime, Jeffrey Stedfast. Thanks to all of you!

Happy Hacking!

Zhang Shunchang
NLP-group, ISCAS
GnuPG Key ID:FCB042D5
fingerprint:38D0 DDFF BDCC 1E5A 53F9  F1A8 B568 CFA4 FCB0 42D5

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