Re: last report: cheese integration

On So, 2008-08-17 at 13:53 +0200, Felix Kaser wrote:
> This is my last report for summer of code! It' kind of sad that its over 
> :( I liked it a lot!
> Something about last week:
> I worked last week most the time on the sofa, watching the olympic games ;)
> Not really ;) I was kidding! :D I finished my work on the fullscreen 
> mode! It's fully operational now! Check it out! After that one I worked 
> on cheese dbus again (yes its not finished yet :'() I made a patch which 
> brings small dbus capabilities to chesse! But only to solve the single 
> instance bug. The main dbus interface is missing and will come to cheese 
> in 2.26 (i think it will be in trunk after the next release!) Its to 95% 
> finished and workes fine without the last 5% ;) The 5% missing is the 
> dialog to give the user the choice to accept the taken picture or 
> decline! I did some work on that but it's not finished yet!
> Something about next week:
> I'll be on holiday for the next 10 days from tomorrow on. I'm going to 
> spain (gil, be awared because 4 crazy italian guys are coming near your 
> town ;)) So I will enjoy the next 10 days without hacking and internet.
> Something about Summer of Code:
> It was FUN! (especially the GUADEC part! :) ) And it served its purpose 
> ;) I think I'll continue to contribute after the project is finished! I 
> like the gnome community a lot and would like to work on some projects! 
> First of all cheese, where I have to do some work regarding my summer of 
> code project, because I'll have to integrate that after the release! And 
> I'll work with cosimo on a mediamanager-plugin for cheese! Lets see what 
> mediamanager can do!
> Something about my mentor:
> Daniel, thanks! I think there is not much more I can say! You have been 
> a great help for me and the project! We had some 
> "communication-problems" but who has not?

pardon? hehe ;)

> Something about the other gnome guys:
> A big THANKS to you to! some of you were a great help and have been very 
> patient with me (sorry, I've been a total noob 4 months ago, I think I 
> got better ;) )
> Something about stolen time:
> The one who reads this is my hero! I'm sorry I bothered you with my 
> thoughts and stole your time! Thanks for reading...
> So long, cheers and keep your heads up!
> Felix
> PS: I promised at the beginning of summer of code that I'll open a blog! 
> That will happen soon ;) in the meantime you can take a look at my 
> webgallery at picasaweb: there are 
> some pictures of guadec too ;)
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