Re: Last week report - make Evolution use Seahorse widgets for encryption and key selection

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 8:34 AM, Zhang Shunchang <freebsd13 gmail com> wrote:
> This is my last week report for GSoC 2008, making Evolution use Seahorse
> widgets for encryption and key selection, which is done completely
> according to the project title ;), although there are some minor bugs
> need to be fixed.

Has your code made it into the main tree in time for 2.24 or do we
have to wait until 2.26 to see your hard work?



> This week, just like all of you, i am busy with testing, documentation
> and refactoring the source code. Noting else need to report IMO :).
> i want to thank some people at last, first my mentor Philip Van Hoof and
> co-mentor José Dapena Paz, who gives me a lot good ideas though he is
> very busy. Then the maintainer of the Seahorse, Adam Schreiber. And then
> Stef Walter, who is working on making the PKCS#11 keys and certificates
> show up through libcryptui (part of seahorse). And then the maintainer
> of GMime, Jeffrey Stedfast. Thanks to all of you!
> Happy Hacking!
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