F-Spot sidebar improvements: Week 11 Report

Hi all!

 [ For information about my GSoC project, fast-forward to the bottom ]

Seems like evolution doesn't want to remind me anymore about writing
weekly reports, so I almost forgot *again*. Anyway, here's my progress
from the past week and what's up for the remaining few days.

A lot has changed since week 10:

 * The new sidebar has landed in trunk.

 * The last editing tool, the color adjustment tool, has been ported to
the sidebar (going from 500 lines of code to 160).

 * F-Spot now features a histogram.

 * I got the Gegl# bindings working. These changes are also in SVN.

Now that everything has landed, it's polish time, making sure that all
the bugs are gone.

About the project:

I will be working on F-Spot and concentrate on the sidebar, editing
tools and other usability work.


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)

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