Anjuta Git Plugin Week 11

Well, this is it: my last weekly report. :-) It went by quick, didn't
it? I've finally finished off the proposal and submitted the beta patch
for review. It hasn't been committed yet, but I hope that at least most,
if not all of it will make it in for 2.6. Guess I'll have to poke my
mentor to see what's going on with it...

Now that the project is complete, I will be maintaining the plugin as
part of Anjuta's mainline SVN trunk, and my git repo will no longer be

On the whole this summer has been very productive. I set the bar very
high for the proposal features-wise, and I'm happy that I could get it
all done, especially in time for the release. 

Overall it's been a great summer. I can't wait to mentor next year...


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