Week 10 progress report

hi all,

This week i have studied the gmime and intoduced this lib into my
projects at last, which is used to parse the MimeMultipartSigned message
and get the PGP/GPG Key. And then import the keys into the local chain,
i used the Seahorse DisplayNotification() DBus API at
org.gnome.seahorse.KeyService to notify the key imported. there is a
snapshot in my blog:)

The next week i will try to introduce the gnome-kering into my
project(maybe far away from my original application's goal ? --
integration of the Seahorse), and use it to manage the certificates,
mainly about the UI design.

Zhang Shunchang
NLP-group, ISCAS
GnuPG Key ID:FCB042D5
fingerprint:38D0 DDFF BDCC 1E5A 53F9  F1A8 B568 CFA4 FCB0 42D5

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