some help for you

dear students,

i know how hard it is to start, if you are totally new to the gnome
project. it will need some time until you are able to really do some
productive stuff but once youre in... ;)

i tried to summarize some things, which helped me to get into, some
tutorials, some informations, ...

lets start with

oh.. i am lost...

no problem! i have a book for you: the official gnome 2 developers
guide. actually the book is a bit outdated, but still works most of the
time. it gives a very nice introduction of how a gnome application is
built. the author gave me the permission (anyway its licenced under a cc
licence) to put it on my webserver.

of course you could buy it too on amazon...

i am still lost and i do not know how that function is called

again! no problem! it is great, that gnome has a full documentated api.
either install devhelp or point your browser to

and maybe you can find the holy grail there too

why do you have objects in c???

thats another awesome story ;) either you want to read the book i
mentioned above or this tutorial

now.. how do i build my code?

we use autotools in gnome ( ;( ). in my opinion it is really hard to
understand it, and if you want to, read this

of course, to build it, you can just do:

./ --prefix=/somewhere/on/your/disk && make && make install

or... how do i build the other gnome applications?

some of you may asked yourself, how a gnome developers actually works on
gnome: does he compile everything by himself, are there unstable
packages.. well, just take a look at jhbuild. jhbuild can compile and
run every gnome application, without interfering with your stable,
installed software

so.. i finished coding, what should i do now?

do i have to tell you more?


ok.. you may want to get the latest development code or submit your own
patch by using svn (if you have a svn account)

if you want to have it easy, or if you have a lot of time

i am bored now

there are many other gnome/gtk related tutorials available here:

so. i think i am finished. do you have any further question? just ask
us ;)


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