SVN account

dear students,

you probably want to commit your work to the project you are working on
and therefore you have two possibilites:

      * put each patch on the bug tracking system
      * get a svn account and commit the patch by yourself

of course you get a lot of power but also responsability with a gnome
svn account, as you theoretically could work on every project hosted on
gnome svn. we also like the idea to have the svn account as a status
symbol, so please talk with your mentor first and just apply for a svn
account if your mentor is ok with that. so, this is not "hey i get a
free account, to ..." but more one of the most powerful things you will
get as a gnome developer.

to apply for a svn account read the following:

please _read_ it if you want to get an account ;) i think the sysadmins
do not want to reject every one of you because you choose the wrong
nickname, have a too short ssh key, ...

it is no problem to get a svn account, but please think before applying
and talk with your mentor about it.


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