Introducing Sven

Hi all.

My name is Sven Pfaller, I'm a 21 year old student living in Erlangen, near
Nürnberg, Germany. I'm studying at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen.

This summer I will work on Soylent, more precicely on libsoylent, that should
not only be a backend to Soylent but a "people framework" to help integrating
people deeper into the Gnome Desktop. For me it definitely sounds like fun :).
My mentor will be Travis Reitter, maintainer of Soylent, a nice guy ^^.

If you happen to come around here, just contact me, perhaps we can drink a beer
or two :)

If you're interested, here is my blog:
You can contact me via this mail address or via jabber: noya jabber org

Congrats to all of you for beeing accepted. This will be a great summer :) !

- Sven

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