[Progress Report] GDM Composited Bling


This past week I've worked on fixing up an old gdm patch from 2.16 version times.
Ryan Lortie is the original author of this patch. It makes gdmgreeter persist on screen,
after you login, until you send it a signal. On top of that there is some code for a
progress bar, but that was not used since a throbber is a more sensible thing to do.

There are some modifications proposed by the maintainer that I still need to spend
some time around the code to do. I'm just not there yet.
After some polishing (and documentation), the Effects!

As this is a two modules effort, gnome-session needs a trivial command option.
That way gdm can ask if gnome-session supports reporting back when everything is loaded
and the user's desktop can be shown. Same for the effects in the future, I presume.

I made contact, this week, with the following people through irc: desrt, vuntz, behdad and macslow.
They were all easy to chat with.

This work did not take much of my time this week. I have to admit I didn't spend much
time on the project. Two close lady friends held their 21st birthday party this week and one
of them is really my girlfriend, so I lost some time on their parties. Shame on me.
They sure liked my presence though. :)

Flávio Martins

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