SoC-Status 2007/06/19 (New Layout Manager)

Here comes a new Summer of Code status report.

      * I've increased my involement with the GTK+ team: Took care about
        some GTK+ bugs. Got permissions to close bugs after applying
        reviewed patches (see: GtkTasks). During that process I've got
        more familiar with git-svn - had my first dcommits. 
      * Wasted time on extending libzip to support extracting PPMd
        compressed ZIP files. Having two important(?) features InfoZIP
        doesn't support, it seems about time to trigger libzip support
        in file-roller. 
      * The giant GtkBuilder patch has landed in GTK+ trunk. So I
        decided to resynch my extended-layout branch with the trunk.
        This is not the usual way to handle Subversion branches, but it
        should help me to avoid merge conflicts in the future. 
      * Finally came arround to write real extended-layout code: The
        interface is there and GtkLabel implements get_baseline,
        testextendedlayout got new tests, autotestextendedlayout showed
        up as distcheck. 
      * Wasted quite some time by fighting with and waiting for gtk-doc
        to build documentation for GtkExtendedLayout: It found my new
        methods and added them to gtk-unused.txt, but I still had to
        manually move those declarations to gtk-sections.txt. Also had
        to register GtkExtendedLayout in gtk.types and to link it from
        gtk-docs.sgml. Clearly not state of the art. Extra annoyance
        points for xsltproc being incredibly slow. 

Mathias Hasselmann <mathias taschenorakel de>

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