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Hi :)

On 18.06.2007 23:40, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Le lundi 18 juin 2007, à 20:10 +0200, Tobias Mueller a écrit :
>> Hi folks :)
>> [...] 
> Are you using jhbuild or garnome to compile things? If you're using
> jhbuild, you can put this in your .jhbuildrc:
>   os.environ['CFLAGS'] = '-g -O0'
Oh yeah. I didn't mentioned it explicitly, but I did something like
that. But to not build other packages with debug info, it might be more
clever to not put that in os.environ but rather into
module_autogenargs[PACKAGE] = autogenargs + ' CFLAGS="-g3 -O0"'

I guess unrelevant packages will build faster then. (But it's just a
guess anyway...)

Actually I just started to use jhbuild (on my desktop). I used
instructions from first, like compiling myself. And I
might go on with this (and dropping jhbuild), since -as I mentioned- it
doesn't compile. I get an "e-flag.h not found" error which is likely to
be raised by a wrong evolution-data-server installation. That's at least
what I got to know from evos IRC channel. But I couldn't investigate on
that yet, I might tomorrow.

>> Devhelp would be another option, but on my machine it doesn't work I
>> guess or I just don't have the proper packages installed.
> If you're on a Debian-based system, you usually need to install the -dev
> packages for each library.
Thanks for that hint :) But if you're looking for a function you don't
know where it comes from, this won't work ;-) So I think I'll file a bug
complaining about the lack of a convenient search function in the online
documentation :P

Regards and thanks for the response :)
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