Re: Organizations with Students Who Have Still Not Sent in Documentation

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Hi :)

To whom it may concern:
I just got an email from google's soc coordinator. Since it was hard for
me to lurk on that google-soc mailinglist, I think, there are some GNOME
soc-students, who don't receive emails from there, yet...

As the email states, there are some of us who didn't send their proof of
enrollment or tax form yet. You might want to do that now ;-)

On 19.06.2007 02:46, LH wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Ian had an excellent suggestion that it would be helpful for
> organizations to know if their students have not yet turned in their
> tax form/proof of enrollment so that their mentors and organization
> administrators could also pester folks on their project mailing
> lists.
> While you're by no means required to do nag for us, we have students
> at the following organizations that still need to return documentation
> to us:
> [...]
> [...]
> If you want to nag, nag.  If not, consign this message to the bit
> bucket.
> Cheers,
> LH
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