Progress Report - Evolution - 2007/25

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Hi folks :)

This week I fought against automake and it's friends again. I wanted to
use a debugger and watch the control flow, but I didn't succeed yet.
First I didn't know, how to compile source code so that its debuggable.
So I asked my mentor and he told me to read gcc's man page. After
finishing over 10k Lines, I knew, that I have to give "-g3" to the
compiler. But that didn't push me forward since "make" builds evolution.
Somehow I found that I can either provide the CFLAGS environment
variable (which is not documented in the gcc manpage) or give
CFLAGS="foo bar" as an argument to autogen which creates corresponding

So I started to recompile everything and guess what? It failed *g*
So I struggled the weekend with makefiles not written for automake 1.6
but pretending this and with jhbuild building a convenient environment.

While compiling (you know, it's takes ages, so you can do a lot while
gcc is working *eg*) I still try to understand the code. I read the
documentation, but I am still far away from getting it. So I read more
and play around with GNOME libraries and stuff.

As I am trying to understand the code, I needed docs for GNOME functions
as well. There is but it won't help
you if you want to know something about a special function which you
don't know the module of. Since there is no overall index you have to
guess where to look. I, for example, wanted to look for bonobo_main().
But there are "Bonobo-activation", "libBonobo", and "libBonoboui".
Searching all three pages is not convenient. So you might want to stick
with google: " bonobo_main" reveals the wanted

Devhelp would be another option, but on my machine it doesn't work I
guess or I just don't have the proper packages installed.

I didn't reach my self set goal, to change the sorting algorithm,
though :( But I will keep to work on that and hope, that I'll implement
it this week.

I just had an interesting meeting with my mentor and he gave me the
official GNOME dev guide as a hardcopy, so that I have another way to
spend time while compiling :>

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