Progress Report: Gnome Application Scripting

The last few days I spent orienting myself in the code, figuring out exactly
what needed to do on the half-finished GObject Introspection code. I also
started barking up the wrong tree by writing code to parse the blobs that get
generated, before I realized that much of that code was already written and
lived in girepository.[ch], although it doesn't provide a very nice interface
for actually doing stuff with the introspection data.

Also, I looked at what other languages with introspection (aka reflection) APIs
did, to see what sort of thing I should model the information after, and to come
up with usecases for this sort of ability.

As a side note, if anyone could come up with usecases that I should be
considering, along with DBus bindings (which is my main goal), feel free to
drop me an email. (use cases such as using it for getting and instantiating
unknown classes with Glade/GtkBuilder/...)

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