Re: Planet, finally!

Le dimanche 10 juin 2007, à 02:26 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've finally added a few SoC blogs to the main Planet GNOME. Now,
> everything should be easy to update.
> For more details, see:
> To see if your blog is aggregated, you can look at the sidebar of the
> planet, or look at
> I didn't add all blogs and all hackergotchis, for various reasons:
>  + a few blog feeds dont validate. If this is your case, please use
>  + at least one feed contained only summaries of the posts, and not the
>    whole content. That's not good.
>  + most hackergotchis were either two bigs or not looking so good. We
>    have a quite strict policy wrt the quality of the hackergotchis. You
>    can either try to improve your hackergotchi or ask someone to do one
>    for you on a blog post :-)
> When all the problems are fixed, just tell me and I'll update the
> config. Also, if you're on IRC, tell me what's your nick there (it can
> be used on the planet).

Also, if you have posts in various languages, it'd be great to have an
english-only feed for the planet :-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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