Planet, finally!


I've finally added a few SoC blogs to the main Planet GNOME. Now,
everything should be easy to update.

For more details, see:

To see if your blog is aggregated, you can look at the sidebar of the
planet, or look at

I didn't add all blogs and all hackergotchis, for various reasons:

 + a few blog feeds dont validate. If this is your case, please use
 + at least one feed contained only summaries of the posts, and not the
   whole content. That's not good.
 + most hackergotchis were either two bigs or not looking so good. We
   have a quite strict policy wrt the quality of the hackergotchis. You
   can either try to improve your hackergotchi or ask someone to do one
   for you on a blog post :-)

When all the problems are fixed, just tell me and I'll update the
config. Also, if you're on IRC, tell me what's your nick there (it can
be used on the planet).


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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